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Howard and Harden to Carry Rockets in 2014-15

The time is now for Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard to step up and put his mark on this Rockets team.

Howard has said he has wanted to be somebody, to be an icon. Currently he is somebody, but his status as an icon has still not been punched.

That status depends a great deal, on what he and the Rockets are able to accomplish over the next few seasons. Howard’s contribution to the team’s success has become more important after the team lost Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons during the offseason.

When asked if the departure of Parson to Dallas would hurt the team, Howards said not at all. He said the Rockets have Harden and myself and we are the best center and the best No. 2 guard in the game. That means, added Howard, the onus is on myself and James to step up and carry the team.

Harden was similar in what he said. The sharpshooter said he and Howard are the Rockets cornerstones, with the rest of the players being role players that complete the team.

Harden said the team lost a few pieces and gained a few pieces and the team will be fine for next season.

Howard has never lacked in confidence, but of late, his results have been a mixed bag. However, now the big man is facing more expectations, especially since the Rockets are seemingly near the brink of being true title contenders.

The Parsons loss is hard to make up for however. The 6-foot-9 forward could create, shoot and finish and his absence will be felt, as will the other moves

that cleared cap space. Houston could have a hard time winning the same amount of games this season as last.

Howard has not had the numbers he had during his eight seasons in Orlando.

In 2010-11, Howard averaged 22.9 points per game, a career high, but has not come close to that since.

Although he had more touches last season than his one year with the Los Angeles Lakers, he only scored 18 points a game nearly five less per game from his career high.

He might have to score more since Parsons is gone, but defenses will be able to key more often on the big man without Parsons around to worry about.

Houston played well last season. However, their first round loss in six games to the Portland Trail Blazers exposed vulnerabilities and those were not answered over the offseason.

The bottom line however is Housto

Howard however lacks footwork in the paint. His hook shot lacks touch and he no longer hustles from end to end to grab an easy lay-in or dunk.n will only go as far as Howard takes them.

Critics say that Howard after 10 seasons in the league will not make that many noticeable changes to his game. What that means is the parts of his came that are not as superior as the others, will be exposed during a seven game in the playoffs.

Howard needs to quiet those critics by coming out and playing in the 2014-15 season as he did for so many in Orlando -  hungry for points, rebounds, block and WINS.

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