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Injured Freddie Freeman to Miss All-Star Game


After winning the fan’s Final Vote last week, Atlanta Braves‘ first baseman Freddie Freeman was poised to make his first MLB All-Star appearance, but alas, that will have to wait.

According to ESPN.com, Braves manager Frank Wren has confirmed that Freeman will be forced to miss Tuesday’s All-Star game after injuring his left thumb during Atlanta’s 5-2 win over the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday.

The injury occurred on the first play of the game, as shortstop Andrelton Simmons’ throw to Freeman went wide of first base, causing Freeman to step into baserunner Chris Heisey’s path. Heisey then collided with Freeman’s glove, causing a tag-out, but also a jammed left thumb for Freeman.

“I guess my thumb was in the wrong place,” Freeman said. “It’s just one of those freak injuries I seem to run into every year.”

Freeman was able to finish the game with a splint on his left hand, but did not appear in Atlanta’s 8-4 loss to the Reds on Sunday, as he reported some swelling.

“I can still bend it and do everything,” Freeman said. “It’s not too bad, so I’m just going to take a day off and see how it goes.”

Freeman still plans to make the trip to New York for the game, but will be replaced by teammate Brian McCann, who was selected by National League manager Bruce Bochy.

Considering how large the All-Star rosters are, there was certainly no guarantee that Freeman would play anyway and even though the injury is not in any way severe, he still doesn’t want to chance jeopardizing any more of his season with the NL East-leading Braves.

“I’ve got to look out for the best interests of this team, so I’ve got to be available to play in the second half,” Freeman said. “If I can’t play in the All-Star Game, we’re better off if I’m able to play in the second half.”

While his injury likely won’t affect the NL’s chances much in the All-Star game, it could affect the Braves’ playoff chances if it worsens as the season wears on. The Braves need Freeman healthy and in the lineup more than ever, as they’ve been hit with a slew of injuries lately, including ones to Jason Heyward, Justin Upton and his brother, B.J. Upton.

Many would do anything to play in the All-Star game, so Freeman’s decision appears pretty bold to some, but it could prove to be pretty smart too, in thinking big picture.

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