Is Your Season Ruined by Starting 0-2?

The NFL has started Week 2 and 14 teams could end the second week of the NFL at 0-2 while 16 are trying to push their record to 2-0. Odds makers say starting 2-0 or 0-2 does make a difference when it comes to reaching the postseason.

Dating back 12 seasons, 98 NFL teams have gone 0-2 after two weeks of the season and just 12 or 12.2% have turned the season around and reached the playoffs and one the Chargers in 2008 made the postseason with an 8-8 record.

The Seahawks and Texans last season; in 2017 the Saints; in 2016 the Dolphins; in 2015 both the Seahawks and Texans; in 2014 the Colts; in 2013 the Panthers; in 2008 the Charger, Dolphins and Vikings; and in 2007 the Giants all went on to play in the postseason following 0-2 starts. The Giants went on to win the Super Bowl that same season.

Beginning the season with a strong 2-0 is no guarantee a playoff spot will be earned and the trend has cooled off of recent, but in 98 cases where an NFL team began its season 2-0, 54 or 55.1% went on to play in the postseason, while 44 missed out.

Amongst the teams missing out were the 2008 Patriots. New England finished 11-5 that season but the AFC was stacked in 2008 and the Patriots went home after Week 17.

Bettors should be cautious able going out next week and laying out their bankroll on 2-0 teams to reach the postseason and look at the remainder of the schedule and which of that group of teams has the most likelihood of entering the playoffs.

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