Jabari Parker Voted To Go No. 1

We in the sports world often get ahead of ourselves.  The NBA playoff have just started and we are all ready trying to figure out will will go No. 1 in the NBA draft, despite it being two months away.

Well according to a report from ESPN Duke’s Jabari Parker was voted most likely to go No..1 in the NBA draft by a group of 30 executives.  It has been a little over a week since Parker declared himself draft eligible.

Parker is definitely getting a lot of attention.  He has been called a prodigy and while most do not list him as No.1 he is often found in the top ten perspective draft picks.

Parker is viewed as a safe pick in the NBA draft.  A lot of players put up better numbers and have more experience at the collegiate level, but Parker will likely be able to waltz into an organization and make an immediate impact. Smith may not put up jaw dropping stats in his first year, but he will still be a top tier player.  He is just not likely to be named Rookie of the Year next season.

There was obviously a lot of incentive for Parker to head into the NBA and if this poll is correct, he made the right move.  Returning to Duke for another college season would have likely not increased his draft stock. He left college at the top of his game.  Even if Parker fails to go No. 1, if he cracks the top three he could make Otto Porter money, who was last year’s No. 3 overall pick and made $4.3 million.

Parker will also stand out in this field of draft picks. There is not many talents in this crop who have the ability to come into the NBA and make an immediate splash.  Smith is one of the few who does have that potential.

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