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Jahan Dotson ‘Can’t Wait To Work’ With New OC Eric Bienemy

Washington Commanders wide receiver Jahan Dotson believes Eric Bienemy can help him kick on in his second year.

Washington hired Eric Bienemy as their new offensive coordinator shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory.

Jahan Dotson was picked No.16 overall by the Washington Commanders in last year’s draft. He impressed in his rookie year with 35 receptions for 523 yards and a team-high seven touchdowns.


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That’s more impressive when you consider he caught for three different quarterbacks and missed five weeks with a hamstring injury.

With improved fitness, stability under center and Eric Bienemy to learn from, Jahan Dotson is pumped for next season.

“I was fired up,” Dotson said. 

“To be able to work with such a great mind who’s had so much success at the highest level of football, it’s definitely pretty cool to be able to work with someone like that. I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity just to pick his brain a little bit and learn from him. And just be able to be a sponge. I’m really excited for the hire. I can’t wait to get to work, and I know there’s big things coming this year.

“I know he has dreams and aspirations of being an NFL head coach one day, and we have dreams and aspirations of winning Super Bowls and winning a lot of football games,” Dotson said. “So, the more we help him, the more he’s gonna help us and vice versa. It’s a two-way street.”


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Bienemy’s remit is clear: improve a Commanders offense that hasn’t been better than 23rd in points since 2017.

Bieniemy will have complete control of Washington’s offense, which hasn’t ranked better than 23rd in points scored since 2017.

“We haven’t really chatted too in depth about that yet,” Dotson said. “It’s a new hire, so just making him feel welcomed a little bit, making sure that he knows that the guys in here in the room, in our facility, are gonna die for him. We’re gonna put it all on the line for him and we know he’s gonna do the same for us, so it’s just a really exciting opportunity.”

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