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Jalen Hurts Dismissed By DE Lawrence Ahead Of Eagles VS Cowboys

Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Lawrence is thoroughly unconcerned with the improvement of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts this season.

Jalen Hurts has improved most aspects of his game, and Philadelphia has a 5 – 0 record as a result.

In 2021, Jalen Hurts completed 61.3% of his passes, averaged 7.3 yards per attempt and 209.6 pass yards per game.

This season so far, he’s completed 67.9% of his passes and is averaging 8.5 yards per attempt and 271.8 pass yards per game.


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As well as that, his 6 rushing scores so far is well in course to eclipse his ten from last season.

In spite of all this, Demarcus Lawrence sounded an ominous warning to Hurts: you haven’t played us yet.

“Has he played us? All right. All you need to write is (that) he hasn’t played the Cowboys yet, so we don’t know how good he is.,” Lawrence said.

“They do have a pretty good offense,” Lawrence added. “They (have) got a good WR corps, good QB, good O-line, so they’re well-rounded.

“But also, ‘we ‘Dem Boys. Remember that. Don’t worry about it. Y’all will see it on Sunday.”


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As Lawrence points out, Hurts still has weaknesses. In fact, he’s actually more susceptible to pressure this season. His 2021 sack rate was 5.7%, while it is at 6.5% this season.

“I think (Hurts) knows his system better,” Lawrence said. “I think he’s making better reads and stuff like that. But I think there are still areas that he struggles in, so just attack (those) areas.

“Y’all (are) asking me questions like I should be worried about (the Eagles). Never worried, never scared. Never quivering from any situation. But I just want y’all to understand that we (are) coming to play, too.”

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