Jalen Hurts, Eagles

Jalen Hurts: ‘We Took What The 49ers Gave Us’

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts led Philadelphia to Super Bowl LVII by overcoming a stout San Francisco 49ers defense. 

Jalen Hurts finished with 15-of-25 passes for 121 yards to best the No.1 ranked defense in the league 31-7.

The Eagles offense generated 148 yards rushing, of which Jalen Hurts was responsible for 39. 

Hurts also broke Cam Newton’s record for rushing TDs by grabbing his 15th for the season. 


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“We found a way to get it going,” Hurts told reporters after the win. “It looked different. That’s been the thing of this whole entire team, this whole entire offense this year – come out there and throw for a lot, come out there and run for a lot, come out there and just kind of be efficient – that’s the best defense in the league.

“They played a really good game,” Hurts said. “They have a really good coach – I’ve always talked about that – he does a really good job with them, especially with those guys up front and the linebacking corps kinda rallying to the ball. We ran the ball really well. They didn’t really give us opportunities to take shots down the field. We had some one on one shots but it was kind of hit or miss.

“We kind of took what they gave us — it kind of ended up being one of those games.”


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“I think sometimes when you get to this point of the season, when things kind of get tight, you want to make the big plays, but all of this comes down to the details,” he said. “The attention to details, the football IQ and the fundamentals to do the right things.

“I know I’ve been through a lot personally, but I want to steer it [to] the direction of how good this team has been playing together, being together, challenging one another, when we experience painful times and some tough times, we always found a way to overcome,” Hurts said. “You want to be going into it in a situation like this and we have a chance to go out there and win it all, so we want to prepare to go do that.”

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