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Jalen Tolbert Aims To ‘Play Faster Than Everybody Else’

Second year Dallas Cowboys WR Jalen Tolbert has caught the eye of head coach Mike McCarthy this offseason.

The third-round 2022 pick didn’t have the anticipated impact during his rookie season. Jalen Tolbert caught two passes for 12 yards on 89 total offensive snaps over eight games last season.

He’s been more assertive during preseason action and led the team with 66 yards on four catches in Saturday’s match against the Seahawks.


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“Yeah, I mean, just the confidence No. 1. It just jumps off the field,” said Mike McCarthy. 

“I think that’s really attributed to his hard work. He’s had a heck of an offseason, he’s cashing in on opportunities. He’s going up and making plays. I like the instinct of plays, the scramble plays, the extended plays. So I just think it shows you how much he’s grown. He’s on the same page as the quarterbacks, so I thought he had a nice night.”

Jalen Tolbert says the key to establishing himself in the team is to play fast and be decisive. “I am just building on what I have been trying to build on the whole training camp,” Tolbert said.

“Continuing to grow and build confidence in playing, and playing fast. It was fun to go out there, compete and show what I can do.”


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“My takeaways can be play speed and being able to play faster than everybody else,” Tolbert said.

“Being decisive on my reads, adjustments or what I think I should do. Not thinking too much, just going out there and really trying to be comfortable and confident. That’s my takeaway from the game, and just continue to grow on that.”

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