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James Harden Looking to Hit the Ground Running This Season

Houston Rockets star James Harden has drawn a line under the NBA’s China controversy for the team.

Through last week, James Harden spoke to journalists about the furore caused by GM Daryl Morey’s deleted Hong Kong tweet.

Last week, James Harden said that everybody has the right to freedom of speech.

“We all have freedom of speech; that is the world we live in. Everyone should [say] how they feel and their thought process, be able to speak it. Obviously some people are going to feel some type of ways, others are going to agree. That is just the world we live in. I am here for Adam Silver.”

He was hitting the same key as the rest of the league was at the time. Numerous apologies to China were issued, but they were for the controversy caused, not for the opinions expressed.


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Speaking at the Rockets return to Houston on Sunday, Harden preferred to focus on the season ahead.

He was mindful of the poor start Houston made to last season, going 11 – 14. Harden doesn’t want any distractions to stop the Rockets starting well this year.

“I’m staying out of it,” said Harden. “I’m focusing on what we have and trying to get better. We’re a week and a half away from the regular season.”

“I remember last year, we didn’t get off to a great start. We had to climb out of that hole,” Harden said. “So this year, we’re trying to avoid that and trying to get off to a better start, and it starts now.”


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His comments were echoed by coach Mike D’Antoni, who assured the press that the team was unaffected by the controversy.

“It is a distraction,” said D’Antoni. 

“But guys can handle it. We still got good work in. Everything’s fine. It happens. It’s regrettable that it happened, but as I said, our work will get done.”

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