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Jared Goff Wary Of Bill Belichick Ahead Of Patriots Matchup

For Lions quarterback Jared Goff, Detroit’s upcoming matchup with the New England Patriots has an added element of intimidation.

Still at the helm in Massachusetts is dynastic head coach Bill Belichick, who Jared Goff remembers.

It was Belichick’s team who held Jared Goff and the Rams to three points in Super Bowl LIII. Goff now leads the best offense in the NFL, but the team is 1 – 3.


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“He’s by all accounts the best if not one of the best,” Goff said of the Patriots coach.

“And I’ve had my experiences against him, and it’s always been a tough game and he’ll always have something for us. So, we’ll see what it is, but we’ll be ready.

“I think you prepare to face the team, and I know he’ll have a plan and he’s a great coach, but he won’t be on the field,” Goff said. “So, he’ll be calling it from the sideline or having his influence in some way or another, and he’ll have a good plan for us, and we’ll have one for him.

“I don’t know if I’ve watched every one of Bill Belichick’s career games, but I’m sure there’s been games where he has done the same thing, and there’s been somewhere he hasn’t, so we will see. He’s a great coach, and there’s a reason for it. Whatever they want to throw at us, we’ll be ready or adjust accordingly.”


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“Well, his teams are always going to, they’re never going to let the best player beat you on either side of the ball,” Lions head coach Dan Campbell said.

“That’s what — that is 100 percent — whatever you do well is what they’re going to try to take away first. First and foremost, and if you can find a way to win it without that, then OK, he’s playing the odds. So, he’s always been that way. I know his defenses are always, man, they’re opportunistic, man.”

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