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Jayden Daniels Enjoying Collaborative Kliff Kingsbury

Rookie Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels is excited by the process of adjusting to OC Kliff Kingsbury’s system.

The Commanders have all but named Jayden Daniels their quarterback of the future. The franchise has recruited the embattled Marcus Mariota – clearly to be backup quarterback.

Washington has also drafted a rookie quarterback with no shortage of experience. In five college seasons Jayden Daniels started 55 games, generating 12,750 yards and 89 touchdowns.

The 23-year-old says the schemes he’s learning are more comprehensive than what he learned at Arizona and LSU.


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“One thing about Kliff: Kliff is open-minded,” said Jayden Daniels

“He ain’t the OC that’s like, ‘It’s my way. We’ve got to do x, y and z.’ Just having conversations with him, it’s like, ‘Man, what do you like? How can we help the team be better?’ We’re bouncing ideas off each other. I like his scheme, honestly. It suits me, and obviously, you’ve got to evolve with the times. You’ve got to be able to have balance, keep a defense honest now, especially with all those athletes out there, too.

“Just learning the playbook, going back and watching the stuff, it’s different than the Air Raid,” he added. “We’re not gonna air the ball out 50 times a game. … You’ve got to have balance.”


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All of these offseason moves point towards the Commanders building Daniels up to be the franchise quarterback. Seemingly, everybody but him knows he’s starting Week 1.

“From what I heard, they said whenever I’m ready, I’m ready. So whenever I feel like I’m ready, I’m ready.

“They didn’t tell me, ‘Oh, you’ve got to start Week 1.’ They just said, ‘Whenever you’re ready, you’re ready. Whenever you feel ready, we feel you’re ready, we’re gonna throw you out there.'”

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