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Jayden Daniels Setting The Tone With Early Practice

Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels is keen to stress that he’s not a ‘star’ just yet ahead of the season.

If he keeps up his good habits, though, Washington will have the franchise quarterback it wants. Jayden Daniels has been continuing a college tradition of arriving early for practice.

The Commanders have had twelve starting quarterbacks since 2018. Jayden Daniels, the No.2 overall pick, is supposed to fix that. As far as the player is concerned, he just needs to do his job.


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“I get here around like 5:45 a.m. and just walk through in the bubble in the indoor, watching film and stuff like that,” he said

“But just trying to prepare myself for the day. It’s kind of just that routine that I had when I was in college, but now I’m in there actually walking through because I’m still learning the playbook and trying to grasp everything. So just being comfortable for the day and being ready to go out there and go out and compete at practice.”


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“I’m just out here just doing my job,” Daniels said. 

“You know, how can I help the team get better each and every day and that’s what I’m focused on. I’m focused on learning, focus on going out here and keep competing every day and having fun, bringing that energy and that joy and that competitiveness to the team, which DQ and them preach all the time. We want to compete in everything that we do. So, I’m out here just trying to do my job and that’s getting the 11 people on my side of the ball to go the same direction.”

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