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Jazz Looking to Trade Up to No. 1 Pick in NBA Draft

The Utah Jazz reportedly wants the No. 1 overall pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft so bad that they are ready to part with a lot to get it.

If the reports are true circulating around the league, Utah is ready to offer Derrick Favors it starting center, the No. 5 pick overall in the draft and either the No. 23 pick overall or Alec Burks their shooting guard to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first pick.

Cleveland countered the initial offering by Utah of Favors as well as the No. 5 pick, by requesting a future first-round unprotected pick from the Jazz, according to reports.

Utah in turn would have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and would pick Andrew Wiggins the star from Kansas.

Utah attempted to make the deal even better by adding in Burks or the No. 23 pick, to go along with Favors.

In another possible deal, the Cavaliers are considering dealing Dion Waiter or Kyrie Irving a former No. 1 selection to Minnesota, Orlando or Philadelphia.

One insider in the NBA said he was surprised that the defensive centerpiece for the Jazz, who will earn $49 million during the next four years, was on the trading block. For many it is hard to see Utah moving Favors.

Utah already, without any trades has the No. 5, No. 23 and the No. 35 picks Thursday night.

The possible deal between Utah and Cleveland would center round center Favors and the overall No. 5 pick. However, the additional pick or Burks is what makes it even sweeter for Cleveland.

Without trading up, Utah will not get Wiggins or Jabari Parker, the two players they and most other teams want. The team believes that their No. 5 pick will only give them a second tier player in the draft and does not want that.

Some insiders believe this deal would be too much for the NBA franchise to offer in return for one player who has yet to play a second in an NBA game.

Favors became a starter for Utah, has made a big impact on the club and is just 22 years of age. The worry is that having Parker or Wiggins might not be worth losing Favors and two picks or Favors, a pick and Burks.

Other critics of the possible trade said that draft is so deep this season that Utah will have plenty to choose from with the No. 5 pick and even with the No. 23 pick.

Of course, a grain of salt needs to be taken, with many of the rumors that start flying at this time of the year. With the NBA season just completed, the Draft less than 48 hours away and free agency starting in one week, these types of overwhelmingly difficult possible trades begin to surface.

Let’s wait and see what happens early Thursday evening when the commissioner of the NBA steps to the podium to announced the first pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

At that time speculation can start, futures odds can be adjusted and the overall look of the NBA could be altered.

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