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Jerry Jacobs Enthused By Veteran Defensive Additions

Detroit Lions corner Jerry Jacobs says the defense has the potential to be ‘dominant’ next season following some encouraging additions.

The Lions won nine games and nearly reached the postseason in 2022 despite a lacklustre defense. Over the offseason, cornerbacks Emmanuel Moseley and Cameron Sutton as well as safety C.J Gardner-Johnson have joined.

As well as that, linebacker Jack Campbell was drafted with a first round pick. Jerry Jacobs is excited to learn from the experience of Sutton and Gardner-Johnson in particular.


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“We got guys like Cam Sutton, C.J. (Gardner-Johnson). Them veteran guys, they’ve been in the room these OTAs and minicamp and they’re helping us out a lot with just learning the scheme and playing in the NFL and making the defense better,” said Jerry Jacobs. 

“Cam Sutton has been in the league for seven years, so getting every knowledge from him. Emmanuel Moseley, he’s coming back from an injury, but he’s still in there 24/7. … Chauncey, man. Chauncey, he’s gonna make the game more fun. I love his enthusiasm. I love the way he comes out there and talks trash. That just turns us up. Man, the guys that we added this offseason, I think that we’re going to be pretty dominant in the back end.”


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The Lions face an intimidating season opener against the Chiefs away. Jacobs says a visit to the defending Champions can’t stop the momentum of the team.

“We’re just knocking out the outside noise, even though they gave us the big game — NFL Kickoff vs. Kansas City — man, we’re not looking into nothing like that,” Jacobs said. 

“We’re just going out there ready to compete, man, bounce back off from last season. We finished pretty strong, and we just want to keep that momentum going, pass over to the upcoming season. We don’t really pay attention to the media, things like that, just because … we’re on the rise to be great and we just want to keep going and get better game by game and week by week.”

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