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Jerry Jones On Ezekiel Elliott: ‘I Don’t Want To Blow A Surprise’

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insists they don’t miss Ezekiel Elliott, and hinted they may have a plan for his return.

Ezekiel Elliott returns to Arlington this Sunday as a Patriot at a time when the Dallas Cowboys’ offense is misfiring. 

Jerry Jones says the Cowboys’ red zone inefficiencies aren’t a ‘long-range concern’, but admits their play must be improved upon.

Dallas started well in Week 1, scoring on three of four entries to the red zone. Since then, the stats make for grim reading.


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They went 2-of-6 in Week 2 and 1-of-5 the week after. The surprise Week 3 loss to the Cardinals only exacerbated their gun shyness.

To be fair, they lead the NFL with 15 red zone possessions. However, they’ve converted just six of those drives for a 40% conversion rate – 4th worst in the league.

Against Arizona, their good-but-bad play came to the fore again with a season-high 416 yards and a season-low 16 points. Dak Prescott’s -13.8 red zone EPA is worst among all quarterbacks in the league so far.

“I think the thing we need to zero in on is when we get that ball down in there close, we’ve got to get touchdowns,” Jerry Jones said. “And that’s probably across the board over these last three ball games. We got a long time to go in this season. We got a lot of room to really adjust and correct these things. While it is something to note, it’s not a long-range concern.”


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“I don’t want to blow a surprise,” he added on whether or not the Cowboys have a plan to stop Elliott on Sunday.

“Zeke’s unique physicalness is always nice to have — not to be trite about it — it’s very good to have,” Jones said. 

“We think of physical on short yardage and probably should, but I don’t think that physicalness from the running back is contributing to us not getting the end zone. It is not.”

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