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Jets Hire Todd Bowles as Head Coach

The NFL’s New York Jets have put the Rex Ryan era behind them as they hired Todd Bowles as their new head coach.

It was thought that Dan Quinn the defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks was the front runner for the job. However, two things took place that changed that thought process: Seattle moved on to the NFC Championship and Bowles impressed the Jets executives during his interview on January 7.

On Tuesday, Bowles returned for his second interview, with Mike Maccagnan the just hired general manager taking part.

The second interview secured the deal for Bowles.

Considering all the problems at quarterback and other issues with the team offense, it would have been ideal to grab a coach who was offensive minded.

Bowles on the other hand is the sixth consecutive coach for the Jets who is defensive oriented.

Curiously, New York did not show interest in Pep Hamilton or Adam Gase, who are both offensive coaches on their way up.

The Jets could have used help on the offensive side but choosing a defensive minded coach has its advantages as well. If a team does not have an elite level quarterback, and the Jets do not, then you run more often and play great defense.

Bowles is laid back and will not pull stunts like Ryan did. He is even-keeled much the opposite of Ryan. Woody Johnson the owner of the Jets wants the environment surrounding the team to be changed and believes Bowles is the person to bring in steadiness and more control.

Bowles is spoken highly of by his former players in Arizona, but if necessary, they said he would rip into them.

During a game last October versus the Redskins, he broke a whiteboard during halftime over being angry with his players on the defense.

Being a former player will make it easier for Bowles to hand his own players.

Bowles’ defensive scheme screams pressure. As the defensive coordinator for two seasons with Arizona, the defense blitzed 46.5% of all drop backs, the highest in the NFL

He ran a 3-4 scheme, where he used cover-zero blitzes. The Jets already have personnel for the 3-4 and that should help to change into Bowles’ defensive scheme.

The team lacks talented cornerbacks that can play man to man. The club must pick those type players up or his defensive scheme will not be as strong.

It is thought that Bowles will want Chan Gailey as the Jets offensive coordinator. Gailey has not been in football for the past two years and is 63.

The choice on offensive is very important since the hire will be faced with Geno Smith the talented yet inconsistent quarterback and a possible franchise quarterback picked up in the draft.

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