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Jets Receiver Robby Anderson Arrested Again

Wide receiver Robby Anderson of the New York Jets faces nine charges, of which two are felonies, after he allegedly fled police at speeds in excess of 100 mph and threatened to sexually assault the wife of one of the arresting officers in South Florida early Friday, show police records.

This is the second arrest for Anderson in the last eight months. Under the personal-conduct policy of the NFL, Anderson is subject to discipline. A spokesperson for the league office said the NFL was aware of the most recent arrest and would be reviewing the matter.

The Jets released an official statement that said the team was aware of Anderson’s situation and because it was a legal matter that was still pending, the team would not comment any further.

Police arrested Anderson in Sunrise, Florida at 2:15 a.m. near his home. Officers charged Anderson with fleeing and eluding police with sirens and lights active as well as threatening a police officer or family member, of which both are felonies.

Police also charged Anderson for reckless driving and resisting arrest with no violence which are both misdemeanors. Five other charges against Anderson were for traffic violations.

Anderson drove through a traffic stop in a SUV at what police say was 105 mph while in a 45 mph speed zone, according to the report submitted by the police who arrested Anderson. The report said that Anderson ran a pair of red lights and was all over the road prior to stopping.

Officers wrote in their report that once detained, Anderson would not sit in the police vehicle and once he did, he used profanity while making a sexual reference about one of the officer’s wife.

The officer wrote that Anderson continued with his verbal threats aimed his family. Officer Jonathan Hennessy, one of the arresting officers, wrote that based on the statements made by Anderson, it was clear the he was threatening to sexually assault my wife.

In addition, Hennessy wrote that Anderson started to brag about the amount of money he had as well as how the officer just wanted to ruin the fun he was having.

Anderson ran afoul of the law in May when he was arrested at a Miami Beach music festival. He is awaiting trial on a count of resisting arrest with violence, which is also a felony. His trail is scheduled to start March 19.

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