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Jets Trending Up, While Bills Headed the Opposite Way

Rex Ryan has touted his Buffalo Bills as being able to push around the rest of the AFC East on the ground and knocking opposing offenses into submission with a torrid pass rush.

However, when he describes all that he in reality is not talking about his Bills team, but about his former team the New York Jets.

The Jets are trending upward without Ryan in charge, while the Bills look to be in disarray with Ryan in charge.

New York has a single loss and came close to winning that game, while Buffalo continues to making mindless penalties, slow starts and has a carousel of quarterbacks while making curious decisions with personnel.

The Buffalo defense is not making plays that can change momentum and has not rushed the passer like a team should that has $60 million invested in just its defensive line. The Bills do not scare many and those it does are becoming fewer and fewer each week.

The Bills have three losses at home and play four of their next five away from home, including two consecutive games at the Jets followed by the Patriots.

The team will make a long London excursion after their lost to Cincinnati, which will compound things even more.

Tyrod Taylor remains iffy for the game, wide out Sammy Watkins as well as Kyle Williams will join Karlos Williams and Percy Harvin in the Bills injured list.

With the Jets, they will hang around all season. They might even be able to land a wildcard spot in the AFC postseason, but that is way too far out there to be sure of.

Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to limit turnovers. Chris Ivory has given them explosiveness on the outside as well as his hardnosed running between the tackles. The Jets front office needs to find a way to keep him in a Jets uniform for the long-term.

Brandon Marshall has not played this well in years. The Jets defense is brutal to go against. Following next week’s game against New England, the Jets have a run of less potent opponents with Oakland, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Houston and Miami.

If the Jets can keep playing like they are now and tighten up on the turnovers, they will be on a high when they reach December.

A big difference this season for the Jets is all of their talk is now on Sunday and not during the week, and of late, they have spoken quite loudly on Sunday.

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