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Jim Irsay: When Your Time Comes To Get Paid, You Get Paid

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay values running back Jonathan Taylor, just not enough to overpay for his contract extension.

Jim Irsay had some explaining to do on Wednesday after he publicly admonished running backs looking for bigger wages.

“NFL (r)unning (b)ack situation – We have negotiated a CBA, that took years of effort and hard work and compromise in good faith by both sides,” Jim Irsay tweeted. 

“To say now that a specific (p)layer category wants another negotiation after the fact, is inappropriate. Some (a)gents are selling ‘bad faith.'”


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Taylor’s agent, Malki Kawa responded by tweeting, “Bad faith is not paying your top offensive player.”

In 2021, Jonathan Taylor lead the NFL in rushing with 1,811 yards. However, 2022 was a different story. Taylor missed six games as the Colts laboured toward an awful 4-12-1 season.

“The comment wasn’t really directed at Jonathan,” Irsay said. 

“We haven’t exchanged any contract numbers with each other or anything like that. So, it’s not like we’re in the midst of that. I think we had a tough season last year. Didn’t win a lot of games. This is a year about coming back together and having a great year and we’re really depending on Jonathan to team up with [quarterback] Anthony Richardson to try and pull together to have a great year.”


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“We love Jonathan, we need Jonathan,” Irsay said. “Our hope is Jonathan has an outstanding year and that we have a good year as a team and then we get his next contract done. That’s the hope. We think the world of him as a person, as a player. It’s just timing. When your time comes to get paid, then you get paid.”

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