Jimbo Fisher Not Receiving the Accolades Like Others Before Him

There is just one college football coach with more wins than Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher over the last five years.

That coach is Urban Meyer, regarded as one of the two top coaches in college football today. While an argument cannot be made about where Meyer would stand nationally but there is much debate about Fisher.

In five seasons at the helm of Florida State, Fisher has won three ACC titles, one National Title, an appearance in the College Football Playoff and an overall record of 58-11. Nevertheless, he has not been elevated into the conversation of who are the best college football coaches in the country.

A number of coaches from the ACC who only spoke if their names were not used agreed Fisher was a great coach. He was called a great play caller by one, while another called is ridiculous Fisher was not getting more national respect. Another said he was one of the country’s best coaches.

However, it has not been the coaching lately that has been at issue. A series of incident that involved high profile FSU players, beginning with Jameis Winston the Heisman Trophy winner, has damaged Fisher’s reputation.

Though the quarterback who was accused of sexual assault never was charged, many question how the school and Fisher handled the entire situation.

After Winston, arrests of other players including Dalvin Cook a star rusher have Fisher walking a thin line as a head coach of a renegade program.

One coach was quoted by an online sports site saying if it were his business he would tell Fisher how quickly he was going downhill, but you can still save your reputation.

Another coach believes that the failures of quarterback from his different college programs in the NFL might cause some to question his abilities as a coach.

JaMarcus Russell, Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel have not lived up to their draft status.

Winston was chosen No. 1 by Tampa and is preparing for his first season that starts in three weeks.

Fisher has had three quarterbacks drafted in the first round over the past five years which is the first time that has happened since 1967 and the common draft era.

Since he started in 2010, Fisher has taken the top spot in the ACC in recruiting each year. Despite winning league titles, two consecutive regular seasons undefeated and a national title, Fisher has not been named the Coach of the Year in the ACC.

That might be because coaches of the year are usually won by coaches of team that exceed most expectations.

However, many coaches will tell you that winning when it is expected can be harder than it looks and might be the hardest of all.

Fisher now needs to win without Winston, win with a young team and have his players remain on the good side of the law, and then maybe he will be recognized as an elite coach.

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