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John Schneider On Filling ‘Fairly Obvious’ Roster Holes

Seahawks general manager John Schneider says Seattle could go young in the offseason to complete their offensive line.

According to John Schneider, the franchise will explore multiple avenues including free agency and the draft.

Five O-line men, including three starters, departed in free agency in March. The likes of Evan Brown, Phil Haynes and Damien Lewis will need to be replaced.


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The Seahawks have already recruited George Fant, Nick Harris and Tremayne Anchrum Jr.

However, John Schneider was under no illusions as to what work needs to be done ahead of Week 1.

“We’re going to be bringing a couple of veteran offensive linemen through in this second phase of free agency, and then comparing that to what the draft looks like,” Schneider said.

“…That is a need on our team right now, I think it’s fairly obvious.

“What does the draft look like? What are the different levels, what are the cutoffs?” Schneider said. “How far do you push to go get a guy or to fall back to get into another group of players where there may be three or four guys as compared to the talent level at one specific player or prospect. We’ll be constantly evaluating that over the next four weeks here.”


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“We like some of the young guys, (Raiqwon) O’Neal, McClendon Curtis, there’s some younger guys we really like too that we’ve added right after the first game last year,” Schneider added. “So they’re some young players that a fan might not necessarily know, but that we’re excited about in the mix.

“When you talk about holes, we do pride ourselves on not acting like, OK, we have all the answers here and now our job is done. We’re building this team 365 days a year, and that’s never changed; we’ll constantly be doing that… It’s a constant process. I think (head coach) Mike (Macdonald) said it the other day, We’re not playing next week, so we’re going to be constantly working on everything.”

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