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Johnny Manziel needs to move on

In 2014, the Cleveland Browns spent the 22nd-overall pick in the NFL Draft on a quarterback from Texas A&M University known as Johnny Manziel. The talented youngster was known for his dazzling moves on the field, and his not-so-hot decisions off the field.

Cleveland knew that the selection was controversial, but decided to bet on the talent anyway. Manziel had won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman with the Aggies, something that has never been done before. Despite some talk that Manziel was not built to throw the ball well in the pros, owner Jimmy Haslam and general manager Ray Farmer rolled the dice, believing they had found a franchise quarterback.

They were wrong. In fact, they were so wrong it would be almost laughable, if not for the fact that Manziel seems to have some serious personal problems.

This week, a video was released on Manziel partying with his friends, who looked like immature clowns ready to blow plenty of money. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that Manziel lied about the tape to the Browns and told his friends to do the same, something that now has him sitting third string on the depth chart.

This episode comes on the heels of Manziel and his girlfriend getting into a public argument next to a road. The discussion had enough volume to ensure the cops coming over to get involved.

At some point, Cleveland needs to move on. Manziel might have been a huge hope for the Browns, but he certainly is not the answer.

Manziel only started two games last year as a rookie and generally looked awful. In the final weeks, there started to be anonymous players talking about how little Manziel seemed to care. Almost on cue, he was made inactive for reasons that involved partying too close to gameday.

In the offseason, Manziel seemed to finally make some strides on the personal side of things. The young man sought counseling and went to rehab, staying for more than two months before checking out. It remains unclear what the substance was that sent him to rehabilitation, although it is widely believed to be alcohol.

This season, Manziel was once again the backup before taking over for an injured Josh McCown on multiple occasions. His play was improved and the proverbial arrow was pointing up. Then the latest episode happened, something that has made him an afterthought on the roster and center stage in Cleveland’s tabloids.

Cleveland has drafted Justin Gilbert, Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson and Manziel in the first round over the course of this decade. If the Browns don’t start drafting NFL-caliber players, they might as well move again and remove their stench from Cleveland.

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