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Johnny Manziel Throws Water Bottle at Heckler, Predictably Misses

Image courtesy of Zimbio

Image courtesy of Zimbio

Over the weekend Browns (almost certainly) backup quarterback Johnny Manziel, who continues to be a walking disaster for the city of Cleveland, was involved in an ugly incident with a fan at a golf tournament in Texas.

Just to recap, Manziel’s rookie season accomplishments include: an offseason of partying and alleged drug and alcohol use, an ongoing feud that drove Brian Hoyer out of town during free agency, embarrassing play that ended with a late season-ending injury, an throwing a party that may have cost Josh Gordon his NFL career.

All of which was capped with a months-long stint in rehab that may or may not have been coerced by the team or his handlers. And while this is nothing but speculation, it’s really hard to imagine the Manziel we’ve come to know voluntarily signing up for a few months of in-patient rehab.

But back to the aforementioned fan altercation, because we could go on about the other shortcomings of one Johnny Manziel forever—like how he sucks at playing quarterback in the NFL.

According to multiple reports, Manziel was being harassed by an idiot fan at the AT&T Byron Nelson, being held at the Four Seasons Resort in Irving. The idiot in question was an 18-year-old, who had been seeking the former A&M star’s autograph at the event.

After Manziel turned him down on a number of occasions, the teen turned on the quarterback and began heckling him. Apparently among his taunts was, “Ryan Tannehill [of the Dolphins and also of A&M] is way better than you.” Not entirely creative, but absolutely true.

Per FoxSports, “Manziel threw a water bottle toward the guy but it did not strike him, prompting the response, ‘Good throw, Johnny.’” Lol. Now that was a good one.

Although police investigated the matter, no charges were filed. One member of Manziel’s entourage reportedly pushed the heckler, but the quarterback was not involved in any physical contact and the harasser did not want to press charges.

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