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Jonathan Taylor Says NFL Teams Must Not Neglect Running Backs

Indianapolis running back Jonathan Taylor says he’s wanted to retire a Colt since his first season there in 2020.

However, the former second-round pick isn’t the only running back who would kill for that kind of security right now. 

We’re seeing RBS getting released, signing average free agent contracts and being hit liberally with the franchise tag. What we’re not seeing is RBs getting paid on long term deals. Jonathan Taylor says running backs are fighting for their value and appreciation for the work they do.


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“Yeah, they definitely are. It’s sad. It sucks,” Jonathan Taylor said. 

“Because a lot of positions, a lot positions do a lot for their team. Specifically speaking for the running back position, I can just speak first-hand, we do do a lot. You just want to be treated fairly. And not even treated fairly. You just want to be appreciated for what you bring to the team. It’s never about yourself, it’s about the team. So what do you bring to the team? Just seeing guys fight, you just hope that things work out for them. 

“I mean, you see why guys they request trades, they want … they just want to be valued by not only their coaches, their teammates, but the organization, as well. I think it’s something you gotta continue to do.”


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Entering the final year of his rookie deal, Taylor hopes his medium term future can be resolved soon.

“Hopefully. We definitely have approached (the topic),” he said. “Hopefully they can see the value. Hopefully that we can explain the value, not that it needs explanation. We just want to be here, like I said, to help the team, to help the community and uplift the community. We’ll see where things go. It’s kind of on them right now, but we’ll continue to work each and every single day.”

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