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Josh Allen Contract Extension Sets Bar For Eligible Quarterbacks

The record breaking new contract for Buffalo Bills star Josh Allen sets a new standard for quarterbacks in the NFL.

Josh Allen signed a $258 million, six year extension on Friday. The $150 million in guaranteed money is the highest for a single contract in NFL history. 

It’s higher than Kansas City Chiefs’ talisman Patrick Mahomes’ deal of $145.5 million guaranteed. 

Josh Allen will earn an average of $43 million a year, which is just shy of Mahomes’ $45 million. 


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Allen’s deal is more significant than Mahomes’ due to where he is in his career. Of course you pay Mahomes the big money. That’s no brainer.

However, a quarterback who just became eligible for a rookie extension getting such a huge deal raises the bar. It will come into play when, say, Baker Mayfield negotiates his extension.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback is happy for both the precedent it sets and his Bills counterpart. However, he shot down any questions about his own situation.

“It’s good for the quarterback position overall,” he said.

“I’d be lying if [I] said otherwise,” Mayfield said. “But I’m worried about winning right now. … I think the rest will take care of itself.

“I’m not doing the negotiations, so quite frankly I don’t give a damn,” he added. “I’m worried about winning Week 1, then going on to Week 2 and focusing on that week, one week at a time. And that’s my mindset. So no matter how many times I get asked this question throughout the year, it’s going to be the same answer because that’s just the truth.”


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“I’m very happy for Josh,” Mayfield said. “I think Josh is a great guy, going through [the draft] process with him. In a tradition-rich town like Buffalo, they’re lucky to have a quarterback like him, that cares about it, that lives that same mindset that they do up in Buffalo.”

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