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Josh Allen: I’ve Been A Football Player First And A Quarterback Second

Josh Allen may be young compared to other elite quarterbacks, but he’s aware he can’t charge around the field forever.

The Buffalo Bills star is 26, and has made his name as a dual-threat quarterback. Josh Allen has generated at least 421 rushing yards in each of his six NFL seasons. For four straight years, he’s carried the ball at least 102 times.

Josh Allen may be more aware of his body now considering he dealt with elbow issues throughout last season. He says the solution to aging is to refine and improve his quarterback skills rather than do it all.


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“It sounds crazy, but I’m getting older,” Allen said. 

“I know I can’t continue to do this. I know when I’m using my youth, I feel like I can, but over the course of my career I’m going to have to learn to adapt and change.

“I’ve always had the mindset of, I’ve been a football player first and a quarterback second,” Allen said. “At some point that is going to have to switch. When that point is, I don’t know. I guess I’ll let my body tell me.”


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“There were sometimes last year when I’m in the open field, I don’t need an extra two yards,” Allen said. “Get down, slide and live to fight another down. Again, it has worked up to this point, but I understand that there’s going to be a point in time when it’s not going to work so well.”

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