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Josh Allen Vying For DPOTY, Super Bowl, MVP

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen says he ‘won’t stop’ until he’s won the Super Bowl and MVP award.

Josh Allen laid out his lofty ambitions in the wake of signing a rather lofty new contract. After playing last season on the franchise tag, Josh Allen inked a new deal this week.

His $150 million contract runs for five years and allows him to focus on, as Allen puts it, his legacy.


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Allen went to the Pro Bowl as a rookie in 2019 but 2023 was by far his best NFL season. He recorded 17.5 sacks on the way to his second Pro Bowl.

In doing so, he broke Calais Campbell’s single-season franchise sack record of 14.5 and was second overall in sacks in the league, behind only Pittsburgh’s T.J Watt.

“Last year was me figuring everything out,” Allen said. “I know everybody talks about, ‘Oh, it was the contract year, he was extra motivated.’ For me it was figuring out life. Nobody gives you a guidebook and says, ‘This is life, this is what you want to do. This is how you handle it.’

“I feel like my wife and I have grown so much throughout these years. We thank each other every day we didn’t stay where we were in the past because we still need to grow. This is something that we need to build for our kids. It’s just very special to leave a legacy.”


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“I’m extremely blessed and honored to get this paycheck — or to get these checks — but I still set goals for myself,” Allen said.

“Defensive Player of the Year is my next goal — winning in the Super Bowl, being the MVP of it. I’m a legacy guy.

“I have to win the Super Bowl and be the MVP. I’m not going to stop until I get that. That’s motivating me. That’s bigger than money.”

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