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JR Smith Could be Stuck in Cleveland

JR Smith, who requested a trade, could be stuck with the Cleveland Cavaliers until the end of the season.

Reportedly, JR Smith is desperate to leave Cleveland. He left the team last week, but could remain on the roster in the absence of a forthcoming deal.

However, the 2016 NBA Champion will not play anymore games. It is his wage packet that is proving problematic in finding a new team to take him.

According to ESPN insider Bobby Marks, no team is willing to pay his $15 million a year contract. Despite being eligible for a trade from December 15, it’s more strategically sound for teams to wait until the summer.


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Bobby Marks was speaking about the 33 year old on on Adrian Wojnarowski’s podcast ‘The Woj Pod’.

JR Smith is not as easy to move now,” Marks said.

“I think he’s got more value after the season, if you are team looking to move money to clear cap space.

“[That is] because he has a partial [guarantee for 2019-20].

“There’s not that many $15 million guys that, if you’re Cleveland, do you want to take on money next year?

“Maybe you go that route, where you’re in a rebuild and you can get something back with him.[E.G draft pick, player in trade]”


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Smith outlined his reasons for wanting out in an interview to the Athletic. In the interview, he accused the team of ‘tanking’. Tanking is the practice of losing games intentionally to improve your chances in the NBA Draft lottery.

If this is true, it demonstrates how much the Cavs are struggling to cope with the departure of the talismanic LeBron James. Smith is just the latest tragedy in a series of such in what is already a season to forget for Cleveland.

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