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Justin Fields: I Need To Play Better – That’s It, Point Blank

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields hit out at the media and said he needs to play better from Week 3.

Justin Fields appeared, ever so slightly, to blame his coaches for his stilted performances so far this season. On Wednesday, he said “my goal this week is to say, ‘eff it’ and go out there and play football how I know how to play football.

“That includes thinking less and just going out there and playing off of instincts, rather than say so much info in my head and data in my head, and clearly just going out there and playing football. …

That’s when I play my best is when I’m out there playing free and being myself. So I’m going to say kind of bump all the what I should, this and that, like pocket stuff. I’m going to go out there and be me.”


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Justin Fields clarified his comments during midweek practice, and took aim at reporters who farm clicks.

“You guys’ jobs are to get clicks. So, it’s like, take my quote out of context and we can just say that,” Fields said. “If you paint the picture on the inside out, y’all are trying to split us up.

“I’m not blaming anything on the coaches, I’m never going to blame anything on the coaches. I’m never going to blame anything on my teammates. 

“Whatever happens in the game, I will take all the blame. I don’t care if it’s a dropped pass, it should have been a (better) pass. Put it on me. Never when you hear anything come out of my mouth to where I will blame it on somebody else in this organization, my teammates, never will you hear that. I just want to clear that up.”


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“Just know that I need to play better — that’s it, point blank. That’s what I should have said in the first place, but I was trying to give y’all more details because I appreciate y’all for doing what y’all do and I try to give y’all the information y’all want for you guys’ job. I’m going to do that and in the future I just ask you guys to put the whole quote out. Don’t cut it up into words and pieces to make it seem like I am saying something that I’m not.”

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