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Kansas defeats Kansas State: The Game and Aftermath

Number 14 in the nation, Kansas, defeated the number 10 ranked  Kansas State for the second time yesterday.  The AP Top 25 has yet to be updated but one has to imagine with the Week 16 rankings would have to have Kansas moving up in the poll.

Kansas was on a run of tough luck, losing three in a row.  This win will likely turn the tide of NCAA basketball back in Kansas’ favor.

It was a team effort from Kansas to defeat their in state rivals.  The whole roster put up some impressive numbers.  Ben McLemore, though, stood out more than any other Kansas player.  McLemore only missed four shots and scored 30 points, while leading his team to victory.  McLemore, as a freshmen, is going to be a big asset for Kansas going into the future.

On the other side of the ball, Rodney McGruder scored 20 points for Kansas State but it wasn’t enough to put the Wildcats over Kansas.

Kansas and Kansas State also have the same overall 19-4 record now.  There should be nothing at this point holding Kansas below Kansas State in the AP Top 25 rankings.

From a betting perspective, Kansas will be the overwhelming favorites in their next game against Texas.  Also, Kansas State will be favored in their next game versus Baylor.  No solid point spread or money line has been released for those games yet.  The updated NCAA Championship odds will not be released by Bovada until tomorrow.  One would have to imagine that this big one will do wonders for Kansas championship odds.

Basically what we can expect is for Kansas to climb up both the AP Top 25 Poll and their odds of winning the NCAA Championship.

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