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Kellen Moore Eager To Start Working With Justin Herbert

Shortly after leaving the Dallas Cowboys, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has a new challenge with the Los Angeles Chargers. 

Kellen Moore signaled out the ‘phenomenal’ quarterback Justin Herbert, and hopes to be able to build on his potential.

In four years in Dallas, Kellen Moore helped the Cowboys lead the league in yards twice – in 2019 and 2021.

Justin Herbet has thrown for 14,089 yards, 94 touchdowns and 35 interceptions since being drafted in 2020. Yet, there is a sense there’s still more to come.


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“Justin, we know the physical talent,” Moore said. 

“He obviously does a tremendous job. I think it’s been really cool to watch him, from a fundamental perspective, as he’s gone from Oregon into the NFL and transitioned, and started playing under center — he has done such a phenomenal job of that — and the play-action game, the movement game. We know his ability to throw it down the field. I’m just really, really excited to be able to work with him and, hopefully, help him in some way as he continues to build the career that he is going to have.”


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“Mike (Williams) and his ability to make 50-50 plays is phenomenal,” Moore said. “You don’t see that around the league very often. What Keenan (Allen) can do to separate and his route-running and, putting him on routes that he’s able to make decisions, he is going to make things happen. Certainly, from a scheme standpoint, you hope that you can find a way to create those opportunities.”

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