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Kevin Durant Desires NBA Franchise Owner Role

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant has declared his interest in owning an NBA franchise after retiring from playing basketball.

Kevin Durant mused on the possibility of bringing NBA ball back to Seattle, the city where he began his career.

“Hell yeah,” he said to ESPN.

“Of course I would. No matter if it’s Seattle or any team, just to help young men grow. Or help men in the next phase of their lives as basketball players. Why not? Especially somebody who’s gone through it and been through just about everything as an NBA player, outside of getting traded, I’ve been through pretty much everything. I would love to give back to an organization, the knowledge that I’ve gained. So hell yeah I’d be interested.”


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Chatter around an NBA franchise returning to Seattle has increased this week. On Tuesday, the city was awarded the long-speculated over NHL franchise expansion team for the 2021 – 2022 season.

Kevin Durant, who started his career with the Seattle Supersonics, espoused the city’s suitability for pro basketball in October.

“It’s just the fact that I played there and I get so much love there,” Durant said.

“More than any city in the league probably. Look, it would be a great story. But it would be a lot of hard work, it won’t be easy because it’s Seattle. After the press release and the first couple of weeks it’s straight to work. I know people want to tie me into Seattle a lot, and I love being part of that, but I’m not just waiting for that opportunity. Any opportunity that comes around where I could become [part of] an ownership group or a front office or anywhere I could just help the team as of right now in my life I would go for it, but who knows what will happen at the end of my career?”

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