Kevin Durant Digs Deep On Twitter, Instagram. Too Deep.

This afternoon Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant took to Twitter, and later Instagram, to ask the questions we dare not ask ourselves.

The series of questions he posed initially seemed to be an  innocuous inquiry into the social media habits of his nine million followers, but quickly took on a harsh and judgmental tone.

Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5 Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5

Pretty standard stuff there. That’s a question everyone on Twitter has asked themselves at one point or another.

It’s like you tweet to gain more followers, but once you have more followers, the only thing you really have is more followers. The whole thing is really quite unsatisfying.

Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5 Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5

Maybe. 🙁

We can’t all be a rich and famous basketball player.

Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5 Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5

Hey now! This is just getting personal.

Just because we’re funny on Twitter doesn’t mean we’re not funny in person. Honestly, this is probably true about plenty of people on Twitter, but equating insecurity with the use of social media is painting with a very broad brush.

Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5 Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5

This one feels like a trick question. It is just Twitter, right? Or is it…I don’t even know anymore.

KD is twisting my mind into a pretzel.

Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5 Image via Twitter: @KDTrey5

One man’s thinking is another man’s chastising and condescending mocking.

Image via Instagram: @easymoneysniper Image via Instagram: @easymoneysniper

Durant followed his Twitter musings up with this post on Instagram. A little lazy not to switch it up a little for the crossover audience, but a message is always more powerful with a vast ocean behind it.

Anyway, thanks for making us all feel bad about ourselves, KD! You the real MVP.

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