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Kevin Love Still Up For Grabs

There is still one golden ticket left to pick up on the free agency market in Kevin Love and three teams are making a go at nabbing up the player.

The Chicago Bulls have recently restarted their pursuit of love. Not willing to leave their already stacked roster alone, it is rumored that the Bulls would be willing to part ways with Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler to pick up Love.

The Bulls have already picked up Pau Gasol and brought Nikola Mirotic from Spain, but if they manage to also pick up Love then it will be their biggest ‘get’ of their busy free agency year.

Another team that already have won in the free agency market, the Cleveland Cavilers, are also rumored to be looking to pick up Kevin Love.

The Cavs already sent shockwave across the NBA when they brought in LeBron James. Bringing in Love would simply stack their roster, however it is said that the Minnesota Timberwolves will not take anything less than the Cavs’ No.1 pick.

The Cavs have been hesitant to part ways with Wiggins. They recently officially signed him, so they cannot trade him until August. It is said that the T-Wolves want Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a future No.1 pick.

The other team eyeing Love is the Golden State Warriors.

It is rumored that Minnesota would be willing to give Love to the Warriors for Klay Thompson.

The question the Warriors and all these teams have to ask themselves is Love worth the cost.

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