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Kevin O’Connell: Justin Jefferson Is The Best WR In The NFL

Kevin O’Connell predicts further improvement from Justin Jefferson, who last season led the NFL in receiving yards and receptions.

After just one season, the Minnesota Vikings head coach says Jefferson is one of the favorite players he’s worked with.

Justin Jefferson produced a 1,808 yard, 128-catch eight touchdown 2022 regular season. As well as that, he averaged 106.4 yards per game with ten 100 + yard games. Jefferson’s 4,825 career yards throughout his first three years as a receiver are the most in league history.


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“As crazy as this sounds, leading the league in yards and receptions, I think he and I have just scratched the surface of where we want to go as an offense, particularly with him as our premier receiver.

“One of my favorite players I’ve ever coached, I’ve told him that,” Kevin O’Connell said.

“Unbelievable talent. What he means to our league, how he carries himself, how he works every day. What I was really impressed with Justin this year was the leadership, the next step. He believes he’s the best receiver in football — I happen to agree with him — and a lot goes with that. Not only schematically, how people play against you, but the responsibility he has as a role model.”


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“Justin just had an incredible year, but what I liked about it the most was just the impactful plays at critical moments he made for our team, among a lot of our players,” O’Connell said. “Very thankful for him in Year 1 and really looking forward to seeing him growing both as a leader and continued dominance at the receiver position.”

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