Keys to Victory for both teams in the NFC Championship

This weekend we will decide what team is the NFC Champion and which NFC teams will go to the Super Bowl.  Both teams are worthy competitors and an argument can be made for each team being the best in the NFL.  However, only one can win and go onto the Super Bowl.

Keys to Victory for the Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons barely made it past the Seattle Seahawks who run a similar offense to the Colin Kaepernick whelmed San Francisco 49ers.  Their struggle against the Seahawks could be a sign of things to come or it could have helped prepare the Falcons for the 49ers.

If the Falcons can learn from their mistakes against the Seahawks it could translate to a victory for them over the 49ers.

The biggest key to victory for the Falcons though will be containing Frank Gore and Kaepernick’s run game and at the same time run some zone defensive coverages to stifle Kaepernick’s passing.  The Falcons may not be able to stop the 49ers run game, but if they can contain the run it will force a lot of third and short situations that could force Kaepernick into passing situations.  In other words, the Falcons defense cannot make any mistakes against the unique and dangerous 49ers offense.

Keys to Victory for the San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers seem poised to defeat the Falcons if they can simply keep playing as they have been.

First on defense,  you better believe that if they can stop Aaron Rodgers pass game then they can stop the Falcons pass game.  The Falcons are a passing team through and through which the 49ers defense is very happy to play against.

The obvious key to victory on offense for the 49ers is to establish the run with Frank Gore and then let Kaepernick go to work.

The Sports Book

The 49ers are the favorites to win with a 5 point spread.  The money line for betting on the 49ers is -220.  The money line for the Falcons is at +180.

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