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Kings Are One Win Away From Making History

The Stanley Cup is often called the most challenging title to win in all of sports. The Los Angeles Kings are only one game away from sweeping the New York Rangers and becoming Stanley Cup Champions.

The Kings experience and game plan that they simply do not stray from are surely partial the reason the Kings have been so successful in this series. However, the Ranger have also handed the Kings the games that they simply should have won.

The Rangers have been fighting hard to stay in and have looked like a competitive team during the games, despite the 3-0 series deficit they face.

In Game 1, New York took a 2-0 dearly lead and held on to the lead throughout the hole game until the Kings tied it up and forced over time. The Rangers lost in overtime.

Game 2 saw a similar situation play out. New York held a 2-0 and even went up by as much as 4-2 and never trailed. Then the Kings forced overtime and the Rangers fell.

In Game 3 the Kings put up a big fight and still lost 3-0 to the LA Kings.

The Kings now have the chance to become the first team since 1998 to sweep a Stanley Cup finals. The last time it occurred was when the Detroit Red Wings beat the Washington Capitals.

The Kings deserve full credit for their win. They came back when they were down, which is what champions do. Now it is time for the New York Rangers to do the same thing.

The Rangers could dwell on how close they were to winning the last three games and lose focus, or they could look toward the future and focus on winning tomorrow night, because either the Rangers battle back like champions do or the Kings will make history by becoming the 2014 Stanley Cup champions.

The Rangers are the favorites to win this game with a moneyline set at -135. Game 4 is on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. You can watch it on NBCSN.

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