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Knicks should ban themselves from MSG

This whole thing got out of hand quickly, something New York Knicks fans should be very used to at this point. When owner James Dolan gets involved, it rarely goes well, or the way it is supposed to go. To that point, we should have known that this whole banning of Charles Oakley fiasco was going to play out exactly as it did.

Why wouldn’t one of the greatest players in franchise history be kicked out of the Garden by a hoard of security? Why wouldn’t he claim that much of thr reason was because Dolan sent over a bunch of guards to make it happen? Why wouldn’t Dolan go on the ESPN radio airwaves in the following days and make thinly-veiled comments about Oakley potentially having a problem with alcohol? Why wouldn’t the NBA eventually have to step in and broker piece, because Dolan was handling this situation with the deft touch of a 5-year-old at recess?

The Knicks, and their meddling owner, are a laughingstock. Nothing about that sentence is new, with the team having won a single playoff series since the days of Jeff Van Gundy and Patrick Ewing. They are arguably the biggest joke in all of pro sports, and we might as well include things like Cricket and Rugby while we’re at it. The Knicks have all the resources any team could possibly dream of. They play in New York and have an owner with insanely deep pockets. They have tradition and they have glamour, and yet here we are.

New York fans should literally boycott the team. Stop going to the games and stop watching the  on television. Instead, spend those two and a half hours with signs outside of Madison Square Garden, making fun of Dolan and demanding that he sell the team. He won’t, but at least you get to embarrass him instead of being the ones who get embarrassed for a change.

Dolan doesn’t care about winning. He cares about making money, something he will do at the Garden until the end of time. The biggest problem Knicks’ fans have is that they are loyal to a fault, and Dolan knows it.

This season, and this century, has been a mess in New York. The Knicks are well on their way to missing the postseason again, wasting another year of Kristaps Porzingis. It’s a total disgrace, and it’s totally predictable.

Dolan banned the wrong guy from Madison Square Garden last week. He should have banned himself.

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