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Knicks must hold onto Kristaps Porzingis

The New York Knicks are a terrible team. They have won exactly one playoff series since 2001, and the list of bad signings and head coaches since then is both long and laughable.

Currently, the Knicks are under a rancid regime that has Phil Jackson running the show from his general manager seat. Since Jackson got to New York, the Knicks have not won 35 games in a season, and have gotten more expensive. Jackson gave Carmelo Anthony a max deal with a no-trade clause before doling out four years and $72 million to broken-down Joakim Noah.

There has only been one shining light during Jackson’s tenure. He drafted Kristaps Porzingis.

Now, there are rumors coming directly from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports that the Knicks are listening to offers on Porzingis. While any team should listen on most any player, the notion that New York would even entertain the thought of dealing its Latvian star is both terrifying for any Knicks fan, and stupifying.

It’s also horrifying because unlike most franchises, the Knicks might actually do it, and for a return far less than what Porzingis is worth. Should New York deal Porzingis for something like three first-round picks that are projected to go in the top five over the next few seasons, maybe it’s worth the risk. The roster is terrible, and contention could be a ways off. However, the only chance of that likely includes dealing him to the Boston Celtics, who happen to play in the Atlantic Division alongside the Knicks.

Any sane person understands that Porzingis should be a complete non-starter barring the haul of a lifetime. The 21-year-old is 7-foot-3, scored 17.5 points per game last year in his second season, grabbed 7.2 rebounds and can play defense. There is no telling how great Porzingis is going to be, and while there has been talk (and plenty of evidence) that Porzingis is disgruntled with the organization, the relationship can be repaired over the next two years before his contract expires.

New York should be focused on trying to trade Anthony, who still has some value despite Jackson torpedoing his value at every turn. Move on from his long-term salary and add assets, all while desperately seeking a taker for the albatross that is Noah. Build around Porzingis on Thursday night in the NBA Draft by adding a nice piece with the eighth-overall selection, perhaps Malik Monk, Dennis Smith or another quality talent.

If New York ends up dealing Porzingis, or even coming really close to doing so, everyone should be fired. Jackson should be fired anyway, but that would be the final straw. Owner James Dolan can’t be fired, but Knicks fans should boycott the games. Give up the season tickets. It’ll never happen, but it should.

The Knicks are a joke, and a bad one at that.

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