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Kyler Murray ‘At That Point’ Ahead Of 2024

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is a quarterback entering his prime, and the feeling excites him ahead of 2024.

He undoubtedly has some pent up energy waiting to pop as a result of spending so much time out injured.

Kyler Murray tore his ACL in December 2022 and didn’t return to the field until Week 10 last season. Since then, the Kingsbury era has given way to head coach Jonathan Ganon and general manager Monti Ossenfort. 


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As well as that, at 26 Kyler Murray can now comfortably call himself a senior player. This assurance, combined with a proper offseason, has the quarterback feeling like Arizona can achieve anything.

“There’s definitely a juice around this team, a camaraderie about this team,” Murray said

“Since I got here, I was usually playing with a lot of older guys. This is the first time I feel like I’m kind of the older guy. There’s no knock playing with older guys, but when you’re playing with guys around your age, it’s easier to gel or do things like that. I think all that matters.

“Going into this season, I feel just really locked in, really locked in to what we’re doing,” Murray added. 

“It’s really, for me, confidence in understanding where to go with the ball no matter what they’re doing because I’ve been in the system a year. When you feel like that, the sky’s the limit. I’ve played QB my whole life, but when you’re at that point — and I can’t really explain it to y’all — it’s a good feeling. At that point, it’s just going out there and executing.”


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“Am I excited? Hell yeah, I’m excited,” he said. 

“I feel good. Just to be healthy is a blessing and to have the support of obviously your head coach and everybody around you, yes, yes for sure. I believe in what we can do.”

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