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Lakers On Saving Their Season From The Brink

If the Lakers win the championship this year, it will be the franchises 18th title in total and LeBron’s 5th.

However, it’s not going to be easy. Just two weeks ago they lost to the Toronto Raptors for their sixth defeat in seven games. Postseason qualification was by no means a guarantee.

Following the weekend’s results, the Lakers will face the Golden State Warriors in their play-in game. Standing in their way is a red-hot Stephen Curry and their own lack of fluency. 

Anthony Davis says the Lakers aren’t afraid despite not playing to their full potential this season.


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“We feel good,” Davis said. 

“We feel confident about our team.”

“Coach told us after that game, he said, ‘Stay together. Just imagine where we’ll be in two weeks,'” Davis said. “And it’s been two weeks to the day. So, we’re a much better team. We’re a much healthier team — which is most important. We’re finding our rhythm on both ends of the floor.”

“The message was: ‘Remain together, let’s not anybody overreact,'” Vogel said. “No one’s happy that we’ve lost these games but we’re going to be OK if we stay the course, keep grinding, keep having a growth mindset each day.”

The Lakers now face the toughest road to the championship in league history. They need 17 wins to claim the title, one more than any other team has faced. 


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As well as that, they hold the 8th seed. The lowest seeded champion ever was the 1995 Houston Rockets, who won it with the 6th seed. A LeBron James team has never seeded lower than 4 in his previous 14 postseason trips.

“I don’t look at our seeding. It doesn’t matter. Obviously we know we wanted to play a lot better this season, but the injuries took a toll on our team,” James said. 

“But I look forward to the challenge. It’s another challenge for me in the postseason. I’m looking forward to it.”

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