Lakers vs Spurs Game 2 Preview


The Los Angeles Lakers struggled and fought all season long.  They have had injury after injury all season.  Most notably the injury of Kobe Bryant who will miss the entire post-season.   Unfortunately, things are not any easier for the Lakers in round 1 of the playoffs and they are not going to get any easier.

The Lakers are going into Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs one game down.

“Our concern is with the Spurs and what we have to do to get a win tomorrow,” Dwight Howard said.

Despite rolling into the playoffs on a five game win streak high note, the Lakers fell to the Spurs in game one by a huge margin, their third largest loss of the season in fact, 79-91.   That then, begs the question how do the Lakers get it done?”We’ve got to make shots,” Howard said. “We have to make shots. We got some good looks. Both of the Steves had some good looks; I think they will knock down those shots in this game.”

Howard is right in saying the Lakers need more offense.  They have to make up for the absence of team scoring leader Kobe Bryant who often would put up over 30 points a game.  The Lakers will also need more than that.

The Lakers defense were able to hold the Spurs in Game 1 to 38 percent shooting.  The Spurs, however, has half as many turnovers.  San Antonio gave up the ball nine times compared to the Lakers whopping 18.  Clearly ball protection is also an issue in Los Angeles.

We, as fans, will have to go through Game 2 of this series without the Twitter commentary of Kobe Bryant.  Who has decided to not Tweet during the games anymore since his tweets got more attention from Sports Center and other sports media than the game did.

The Spurs are favored to win Game 2 with an -8.5 point spread.  The game is tonight at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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