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Laremy Tunsil: Houston Texans Are ‘On The Rise’

Houston Texans left tackle Laremy Tunsil has faith in rookie head coach DeMeco Ryans to ‘get things turned around’.

The three-time Pro Bowler recently became the highest-paid left tackle in the league after agreeing a new $75 million deal. That’s a competitive contract, but with just eleven wins in three seasons, Houston has not been a competitive team.

Laremy Tunsil views himself as a leader in an organization on an upward trajectory.


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“My biggest thing with staying with the Houston Texans was I believe this organization is going to turn it around quickly, actually,” Laremy Tunsil said. 

“This organization is on a rise, especially getting a guy like DeMeco Ryans in this building. He’s a young, energy guy, younger coach, and he was actually a player here too. So getting a guy like that coming into the building means a lot. We’re trying to get things turned around.

“I view myself as the X-factor for this entire team and a mentor,” Tunsil said. 

“For the young guys like Jalen Pitre, Dameon Pierce and Kenyon Green, I view myself as a mentor. Like a captain, a captain-role. I want to help those guys in any way that I can. Whenever they need me, they can hit me up. If they’ve got any questions, they can hit me up. I’m here for those guys, I’m here for this team. I’m here to contribute to the team and help them to win games also.”


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He’s certainly self-assured, especially after negotiating his own contract as the head of his own operation.

“I always wanted to be the CEO of my business team,” Tunsil said.

“I always wanted to be the leader to start something new, and that’s what I did.

“I’m just showing other players that it’s possible. That it’s possible to get done. You can also become a CEO of your business team and get it done.”

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