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Latest NBA Over/Under Standings


Betting the over/under in the National Basketball Association sometimes feels like something of a crapshoot. All it takes is a spirited defensive outing to derail the over or an offensive onslaught to wave goodbye to the under.

While there’s plenty of moving parts when it comes to the over/under, there are some teams that tend to prefer one over the other enough to provide bettors with at least some comfort to their selection.

Betting Sports has run through the latest over/under standings, picking out sides that, generally speaking, fall into either the over camp or the under camp. Read on to learn what we’ve discovered.

Take the over on…

So far this season, no team in the league has favored the over more than the New Orleans Pelicans (15-8-1 O/U).

The Pelicans have seen the total go over in 15 of 24 games (.625) giving the side the highest percentage in favor of the over. With a top 10 offense and a bottom 10 defense, that might not come as the biggest of surprises to followers of the game.

The Indiana Pacers (15-10-0 O/U) on the other hand have a bottom 10 offense and top 10 defense, which should lead to the team favoring the under, right?

Apparently the bookmakers have been prone to offering a low line on the injury-riddled Pacers, who have gone on to see the over pay out in 15 of 25 games (.600).

The Toronto Raptors (15-10-0 O/U) have also seen the total go over in 15 of 25 games (.600). Sporting the league’s second highest scoring offense, and soaring high against the lowly Eastern Conference, that just about makes sense from where we’re sitting.

The Boston Celtics (13-9-0 O/U) allow the third highest number of points per game in the Association. Combine that with an offense that sits just outside the league’s top five and you have all the ingredients necessary for a team that regularly sees the over pay out. The Celtics have seen the over pay out in 13 of 22 games (.591).

Take the under on…

The Houston Rockets (6-17-0 O/U) allow the second fewest points in the league and – with Dwight Howard out injured for a good portion of the season – have an offense anchored to the middle of the table. Put these things together and you have another Western Conference powerhouse that favors the under. The Rockets have seen the under pay out in 17 of 23 games (.739).

With Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant sidelined, it was no surprise to see the Oklahoma City Thunder (6-18-1 O/U) favored the under during the early part of this season.

Now the two perennial All-Stars are back on the hardwood though, the Thunder continues to favor the under, which has a lot to do with a staunch defensive showing of late; the Thunder allows fewer points than any team in the league. The under is also helped out by the fact that the bookies routinely set the line above 205 when OKC takes to the court. The Thunder has seen the under pay out in 18 of 25 games (.720).

The Brooklyn Nets (8-15-0 O/U) are currently in the lower echelons of the league when it comes to scoring, but have a middle-of-the-pack defense, meaning the embattled team is on good terms with the under. 15 of the Nets’ 23 games (.652) have seen the under pay out this season.

Flying high at the top of the league and at the top of the ATS standings, the Golden State Warriors (9-15-0 O/U) are proving to have a thing for the under.

The Warriors may have the league’s third highest scoring offense but the combination of a stellar defense and the bookmakers’ affinity with putting the line at 204+ means that the team has seen the under pay out more often than not. The under has paid out in 15 of 24 games (.625) featuring the Warriors this season.

You can find the complete Over/Under standings below.

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