LBJ To Opt Out

ESPN reported this morning what we and many in the sports world have been speculating on since the NBA season ended.  Lebron James will indeed opt out of his remaining two years in Miami.

We have been rather cynical in terms of LBJ actually leaving the Miami Heat, but it seems more likely than ever that the best basketball player in the world may be ready to try his luck else where. However, it is  important to note that just because he is opting out does not mean he will not be playing for the Heat next season. Miami will get to make a play for James just like every other interested teams in the NBA.

What led to this decision is not really known. James seemed happy in Miami. If any team was built to make another run at a championship next season it was the Heat. Perhaps, though, James saw some writing on the wall that none of us saw. It was rumored that the Heat were going to ask James to take a pay cut to make room for a new star.

Regardless, James has another decision to make and there are going to be a lot of teams vying for his attention.

The Los Angeles Lakers have all the cap room in the world and desperately need another star to play alongside Kobe Bryant if the aging Bryant wants another title ring before the end of his career.

The Houston Rockets have made no secret of the face that they plan on perusing James.  They were telling people that was the case even before James opted out.

He could also return home to Cleveland. They have young talent and the cap room for James to strive.

But going back to the issue of the Heat’s payroll:  James opting out could give the Heat a chance to adjust their payroll, pick up a star and then pick James back up for a little less money. Opting out simply gives James the opportunity to test the waters and see what options are available while his true team gets its house in order. At the end of the day the most likely scenario is seeing James back with the Heat next season.

Regardless, get ready for some special prop bets as to where James is going to land.

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