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LeBron James approves of blockbuster trade haul for the Cavs

The LeBron James era of the Cleveland Cavaliers may be coming to an end after the 2017-18 NBA season. LeBron leaving the team this summer is a very realistic possibility, but Cleveland had one chance to right the ship this season and help convince him to stay ahead of the NBA trade deadline on Thursday.

The Cavs pulled off multiple trades this week in order to completely revamp the roster. Cleveland parted ways with Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, and Jae Crowder before the buzzer sounded at the deadline. Now the team has brought in Larry Nance Jr., Rodney Hood, George Hill, and Jordan Clarkson to fill the void.

Apparently, LeBron approves of the moves to bring in younger and more talented players. James said the following about the moves made by Cleveland, via ESPN.

“I think we became a younger team, more athletic. We added some more shooting as well. So, we’ll have to see how it meshes,” James said. “I like the pieces that we have coming in.”

James also talked about how he’ll integrate the new players into the team’s system, via ESPN.

“It’s my job to get these guys integrated as fast as possible,” James said Friday. “I know the coaching staff and [coach] T Lue is going to do it as well, but it’s my job to get these guys on the same page with us where we want to accomplish what we want to do. I look forward to getting them here. … All four of them are pretty smart guys, and it should be fun.”

The Cavs needed to make some drastic moves with LeBron getting virtually no help from his teammates. The influx of talent could go one way or another, but making the moves shows the team wants LeBron to stick around beyond this season.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, there’s still no telling whether the three-time NBA champion will stay with the team as he may be determined to leave once he hits free agency in July.

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