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LeBron James Return To Cleveland A Real Possibility

Getty Images via Zimbio

Getty Images via Zimbio

Either LeBron James is seriously considering returning to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, or he and his agent are really trying their best to reignite the hatred that burned for him after leaving the first time back in 2010.

On Monday speculation about a homecoming turned serious when it was reported by Yahoo! Sports that James’ agent has urged the Cavs to make rom for a max contract salary slot, which could very well bring the King home to Ohio. That per a league source.

The numbers add up in Cleveland. They already have some room to work with inside the cap, and anyone they had to lose to make room for LeBron wouldn’t be missed in his absence.

Plus, the situation is entirely different than it was four years ago. James was able to accomplish a lot on his own with the Cavs, but if he returns now he’ll have Kyrie Irving to lean on and Andrew Wiggins to mentor. Cleveland’s Big Three would certainly have the potentially to eclipse the accomplishments of Miami’s.

That being said, the demand for James is so intense that this is anything but a done deal. The Miami Heat still have hopes of bringing him back and James’ camp is scheduled for a serious sit-down with team president Pat Riley early this week.

Apparently the Phoenix Suns are still hoping to make an impression on James, but it’s unclear at this point if the that interest has been reciprocated.

According to the Yahoo! Sports report, Rich Paul, the president of Klutch Sports and James’ agent/childhood friend, is calling the shots right now. He’s been acting as gatekeeper and facilitator during free agency, meaning all roads to LeBron go through him.

All we can do is wait and see where they lead out the other side.


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