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Le’Veon Bell Focused on Team Despite Personal Milestones

New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell made a piece of long-anticipated NFL history on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

The Pro Bowler entered the game four yards short of 8,000 scrimmage yards. Le’Veon Bell ran for five yards on his first carry of the game.

As a result, Le’Veon Bell is the fastest player in NFL history to reach 8,000 scrimmage yards. The fact that he has not played since January 14, 2017, and is still the fastest player to 8,000 underlines his talent, and shows what kind of player the league has been missing.

However, Bell lost his first game back 17 – 16 to the Bills. He said he hopes for better from the Jets moving forward this season.


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“It felt good to be back out here, I had a lot of fun playing the game,” Bell said. 

“Obviously, it wasn’t the outcome that I hoped for, but I felt good. I have to still get better and find ways to get better at my game so we can come out with a W.”

Bell clearly didn’t feel like basking in his big day. The pain of a loss hasn’t deserted him despite 600 days away from football.

“It’s definitely overshadowed by losing. It’s a nice accolade I guess but it doesn’t really matter,” Bell said. 

“I’m just trying to get a win at the end of the day. All of those stats and everything feel good and I’m sure people feel happy for me, but right now I’m not happy for myself because we didn’t get a win.”


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“When you take a loss like this, it kind of defines you and we want to see how guys respond,” Bell said. 

“To feel a loss, obviously it doesn’t feel good, so guys want to come in and they want to work and get better.”

“I feel like we have a young group and we’re going to get better. The sky is the limit,” Bell said.

“We didn’t start the season the way we obviously wanted to but it happens, it’s football. Any team can go out here and win a game, so we have to make sure that we detail our things up. We have to get better for next week because we definitely don’t want to start 0-2.”

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