Sean McVay, Rams

Los Angeles Rams Had Their ‘Faces Peeled Off’ by Jackson & Ravens

At times, the NFL is an over-complicated, chaotic mess. Sometimes, though, it is an incredibly simple game. Sometimes the better team just wins.

That’s exactly what happened when the Baltimore Ravens thumped the Los Angeles Rams 45 – 6 on Monday Night Football. It was the Rams’ biggest ever loss at the L.A Coliseum. 

The better team won, and what’s more, the Los Angeles Rams know it. They were never really in the game, and became the latest victims of Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ scintillating play.


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“It was impressive. When you sit there and watch and feel the operation up close and personal and you just see how sharp they are with their execution, what a dynamic player he is [and] what a good job they do of creating conflict right before the snap, changing your fits,” said Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay.

“Just his (Jackson’s) operation, his ability to find some completions, make plays with his legs. There’s a reason why people are talking about him as an MVP. It felt like it tonight.”

Rams safety Eric Weddle spent three seasons with the Baltimore Ravens. After the defeat, he could do nothing but credit his former teammates.

“Couldn’t get off the field. Couldn’t help our offense. You got to give credit to the Ravens,” he said.

“We knew that they were a tough match as one of the best teams in the league. They showed why they’re the best. They’re playing at a high level and we didn’t match up to it. It’s tough. It’s not a good feeling.”


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“A lot of times I wouldn’t know for a few seconds after if he handed it or if he still had it,” Weddle admitted. “Imagine the whole defense, trying to play rules and play the guy and these guys are just coming down hill and doubling and getting extra gaps and you’re trying to figure out what’s going on. [Jackson’s] playing outstanding. They’re playing complementary football, their defense is playing outstanding. We got our faces peeled off. You guys watched it.”

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