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Love To Cavs Pushes Team To Favorites To Win Championship

Earlier this morning news broke that the inevitable finally occurred. The Minnesota Timberwolves traded Kevin Love. Where he landed was not all that surprising either. It had long been rumored that the Cleveland Cavilers have been circling Love and that is indeed where Love is head at the end of August provided the deal does not go completely south by then.

The Reason that the deal cannot be officially completed until the end of August is because who is involved in the trade. The T-Wolves get Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and a 2015 first-round pick for Love. Wiggins was recently signed by the Cavs and cannot be traded until 30 days after the sign date on Aug. 23.

Wiggins and Bennett were the No. 1 overall selection in the last two drafts. Bennett did not get to prove himself this past season due to injury and Wiggins is one of the most exciting rookies from this year’s draft class.


For Wiggins the trade represents opportunity. Wiggins will likely be the player that the T-Wolves build around. Wiggins will be the LeBrong James of Minnesota, not having to live in the immense shadow of the self-proclaimed king.

Whether or not Love will mean good things for the Cavs remains to be seen. On the surface it does not seem like much of a risk, but we all saw in Los Angeles a couple years ago, you cannot just smash two great players together (in this example Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard) and expect magic.

Love has a reputation of being a bit selfish and how that demeanor clashes with James will be interesting. The Cavs really could not say no to the deal either. Love could open up options for Cleveland that were never there before. He will open up things for James as he is a great post player.

The sportsbooks also have an optimistic view of the trade. Earlier this morning the Cavs were pushed ahead of the defending champs the San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls to take the team with the best odds of taking an NBA Championship, 5/2.

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